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The Edges of Twilight


The Edges of Twilight (1995) is the third album by The Tea Party. The album features many instruments from around the world, giving various songs a strong world musicflavour in addition to the rock/blues influences evident in the band’s earlier releases. Jeff Burrows explained that “basically we wanted to expand upon the initial idea that we tried on Splendor Solis, which was trying to incorporate different styles of world music into our music. So with this album we became more familiar with many more instruments. In our minds we were trying to do for a rock album what Peter Gabriel does to pop by infusing various cultures, percussion and exotic sounds into it.”

The Edges of Twilight helped propel the band into mainstream success in their nativeCanada, where it reached double platinum status and earned the band several Juno nominations, including “Best Rock Album” and “Group of the Year”.

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